Tuesday, March 21, 2017


In Maths we need to know our doubles and halves of numbers.  Please can you help us practise knowing our doubles at home.

Here's a couple of songs to help...

World Poetry Day 2017

Monday, March 20, 2017


Today was Race Day!

Each group got to race their car down their ramp.  Mrs Kenyon timed the cars going down the ramp and Mrs Ruawai measured how far they went.

Here are a few photos of us in action...

So far Emily and Mia are winning!



First Steps Visitors

Today we were lucky enough to have Charlotte's sister Kate come and visit us with her Daycare friends.  Little did we know, Caitlin's Aunt Jen was with them as she works at First Steps.  We were so pleased to have them join us for the afternoon.

"One day I waited all day for my sister Kate to come to see me in my classroom.  When we had just started to finish our ramps for Lightning McQueen she came and helped us".  By Charlotte



We LOVE Maths!

From Mondays through to Thursday we do Maths first thing in the morning.  We have three rotations so we see each teacher, each day.

We do a strategy workshop with Mrs Ruawai in Wonderland.  We are learning subtraction for the rest of the term.  In the Rainbow Room we do knowledge workshops with Mrs Kenyon.  We are focusing on backwards counting as this ties in with our subtraction work.  With Mrs Lunn in the Jungle, we do Top Ten and at the moment we are focusing on fractions.

Look at these lovely kids busy learning.  
 Well done guys.

If you would like help at home you could get us to practise counting backwards or saying the number BEFORE a given number.

You could also use fractions when talking to us ....
"Would you like your apple cut in half or in quarters?"


Congratulations to the first of our Candylanders!

Well done to Petra, Maarire and Ella.

We are SOOOO proud of you.

Sunday, March 19, 2017


 We are up to making our ramps for Lightning McQueen.  We needed to draw a plan first and work out what we needed.  Then it was the fun stuff - making them!  Hooray!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Piako Rua had a beautiful rainbow shining over us this morning.  
We guess that makes us the treasure at the end of the rainbow!


Today we continued EXPLORING into how to build our ramps.  We looked at the different surfaces we could put on our ramp to make the cars go faster.  There was some very clever thinking happening today.

Caitlin, Darcy, Karys and Ava-Rose came up with a great way to test the different fabrics.  They lay the fabrics over there legs to simulate a ramp and let the car go down.  They could tell by how fast the car traveled down, as to which material they could use on their ramp for Lightning.

Kyle did some great work today too.  He found out that two metre rulers would be 2 metres.  That's the distance that Lightning needs to go.  So he used two rulers to measure the distance and then he started building his ramp.   When the teachers reminded him of the success criteria, that the car needs to go 2 metres from the END of the ramp, Kyle needed to do a re-think.  He decided to move his ramp and rulers down to the floor where he would have more room.  He moved the rulers to the end of his ramp.  Great thinking Kyle!

Now here's some clever thinking...

Benji, Regan and Nathan decided to use the sandpaper to sand down their piece of wood to make it really smooth.  Then they even thought to wipe the dust off with a cloth.   The smooth surface will decrease the amount of friction and allow the car accelerate faster.  How's that for flash thinking!

Devon and Kiara were busy making their ramp today too.  They decided to make it like a bridge.  They noticed that when the car went down the wood, it didn't go down very fast.  The wood was too bumpy and caused the car to slow down and even fall off the edge of the ramp!  So after a quick think, the kids grabbed a piece of cardboard that was nice and smooth to add onto their ramp.
Great problem-solving guys!

During this EXPLORE phase of our investigation, the children were encouraged to keep notes on what they found out.  Here are Ashton and Connor explaining what they have learnt so far...

Maarire and Petra work so well together.  You'll see in this video that although they don't say much there is a lot of thinking and problem-solving going on!

Ben found out about friction today - here is a video of him explaining what he found out.  
(excuse the background noise - it was pack up time!)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Take a look at Charlotte P balancing on the board.  All your hard work as paid off Charlotte.


Monday, March 13, 2017


 What a busy day we have had!

Today there were different stations set up all around the room to help us EXPLORE the different aspects of building a ramp.  We looked at different surfaces that would cause friction on the cars tyres and slow them down, the angle of the ramp that effects acceleration.  We also explored measuring with rulers and how to use a stopwatch.

Some of our boys had a great time making their ramp.  They were constantly problem-solving and improving their design.


Sunday, March 12, 2017


Lightning McQueen wrote us an email!  He needs our help to design him a ramp so that he can win a Ramp Race against his friends.  We said we'd LOVE to help!  There are a few requirements for our ramp design so Mrs Lunn made us some Success Criteria to help keep us on track.

After the teachers read us the email we were HOOKED!  Next we had lots to WONDER about.  We filled out a Wonder sheet with all the questions we had.  We came up with some great questions.

Take a look at these...


Tuesday, March 7, 2017



The group that best met the criteria for the Box Challenge started making their box design this week (they were waiting for Emma to get back from Rarotonga).  The girls sat down and had a meeting to discuss what order they were going to complete their house design.  They assigned roles and Mrs Lunn was very impressed with how willing they were to negotiate and problem solve.

Let the fun and learning begin!

First problem:  How do make the roof stay up!

The girls needed to find a way to make the roof stay up...

The girls found some paper to cover the box with...

The girls decided to split workload.  Some girls ripped up the paper into blocks and the other girls were gluing it on.  

That's called division of labour!