Tuesday, March 21, 2017


In Maths we need to know our doubles and halves of numbers.  Please can you help us practise knowing our doubles at home.

Here's a couple of songs to help...

World Poetry Day 2017

Monday, March 20, 2017


Today was Race Day!

Each group got to race their car down their ramp.  Mrs Kenyon timed the cars going down the ramp and Mrs Ruawai measured how far they went.

Here are a few photos of us in action...

So far Emily and Mia are winning!



First Steps Visitors

Today we were lucky enough to have Charlotte's sister Kate come and visit us with her Daycare friends.  Little did we know, Caitlin's Aunt Jen was with them as she works at First Steps.  We were so pleased to have them join us for the afternoon.

"One day I waited all day for my sister Kate to come to see me in my classroom.  When we had just started to finish our ramps for Lightning McQueen she came and helped us".  By Charlotte



We LOVE Maths!

From Mondays through to Thursday we do Maths first thing in the morning.  We have three rotations so we see each teacher, each day.

We do a strategy workshop with Mrs Ruawai in Wonderland.  We are learning subtraction for the rest of the term.  In the Rainbow Room we do knowledge workshops with Mrs Kenyon.  We are focusing on backwards counting as this ties in with our subtraction work.  With Mrs Lunn in the Jungle, we do Top Ten and at the moment we are focusing on fractions.

Look at these lovely kids busy learning.  
 Well done guys.

If you would like help at home you could get us to practise counting backwards or saying the number BEFORE a given number.

You could also use fractions when talking to us ....
"Would you like your apple cut in half or in quarters?"


Congratulations to the first of our Candylanders!

Well done to Petra, Maarire and Ella.

We are SOOOO proud of you.

Sunday, March 19, 2017


 We are up to making our ramps for Lightning McQueen.  We needed to draw a plan first and work out what we needed.  Then it was the fun stuff - making them!  Hooray!